Anna Liminowicz -  photographer and reportage...

Anna Liminowicz - photographer and reportage author based in Warsaw, Poland.
She works with The New York Times, The Guardian,The Wall Street Journal, The Globe&Mail, The Washington Post, El Pais, NBC News, NRC, Der Spiegel, Die Welt, Les Echos, UNHCR and many others. 
She divides her work between assignments and the development of her long-term personal projects. Social issues are the main focus of her photographic interest. Winner of the Krzysztof Miller Prize for the courage to look (2018) and she has won two Grand Press Photo awards (2016 and 2014) for her long- term project Between the Blocks. 

Her book Zamalowane okna has been nominated for the Ryszard Kapuściński Award - international award, granted yearly for the best reportage book.

Anna graduate Press Photography at the Institute of Journalism at the University of Warsaw and Polish School of Reportage.

Member of Women Photograph

Selected awards:

2023-the Ryszard Kapuściński Award-international award-nominated (Zamalowane okna)
2023-the Magellan Prize-honorable mention (Zamalowane okna)
2023-the Warmia and Masuria literary award-nominated (Zamalowane okna)
2023- Success Stories Coming Into 2022 by Visura  (Zamalowane okna) )
2023- The Society for News Design/ category: Inside pages (Too Precious to leave behind )
2023- The Society for News Design/ category: Photography (Too Precious to leave behind )
2022-Online Journalism Awards- nominated in the Features category (Too Precious to leave behind )
2022–Grand Press Photo – 2nd prize stories in the People category (Too Precious to leave behind; "Zbyt cenne by to zostawić")
2022-Grand Press Photo – nominated singles in the Current events category
2022-Success Stories Coming Into 2021 by Visura  (Virus of Fear)
2022-Highlighting Success Stories by Women Visual Storytellers and Journalists in 2020 ( Visura )
2018-Winner of the Krzysztof Miller Prize for the courage to look.
            -Between the Blocks  /   ( Miedzy blokami )
2017 – Grand Press Photo – nominated singles in the Portrait category
2016 – Grand Press Photo – 2nd prize singles in the  Daily Life category
2014 – Grand Press Photo – 2nd prize stories in the Daily Life category
2014 – Grand Press Photo – nominated singles in the Daily Life category
2014 – entry in ‘’DEBUTS’’ – album including 36 most talented polish photographers of the young generation
2011 – Gdansk Press Photo – noted for the “Portrait“ category

Selected publication:

THE NEW YORK TIMES-Her Clothes? Fabulous. Her Face? A Fungus.
THE NEW YORK TIMES-Dancers and Video Game Characters Merge in the Uncanny Valley
THE NEW YORK TIMES-A Theater Troupe That’s Also a Support Network for Exiles
THE NEW YORK TIMES-A Polish Priest’s War Against Abortion Focuses on Helping Single Mothers
THE NEW YORK TIMES-Poland Shows the Risks for Women When Abortion Is Banned
THE NEW YORK TIMES-He Break Dances. He Pole Dances. He Sings Like an Angel.

THE NEW YORK TIMES-A Warsaw Bakery Seeks to Preserve Jewish Food Where It Was Nearly Lost
THE NEW YORK TIMES-As U.K. Beckons Truck Drivers, Many in Poland Say ‘No Thanks’
THE NEW YORK TIMES-A Polish Rapper Goes From Scandal to Superstar.
THE NEW YORK TIMES-On Factory Floors, a Chime and Flashing Light to Maintain Distance
THE NEW YORK TIMES-The 22-Year-Old Coordinating Protests in Belarus, From a Small Office in Poland
THE NEW YORK TIMES- In Poland, Communist-Era Restaurants Are Perfect for the Moment
THE NEW YORK TIMES-E.U. Court Rules Poland Must Suspend Disciplinary Panel for Judges
THE NEW YORK TIMES-Poland’s Virus-Delayed Presidential Election Suddenly Looks Tight
THE NEW YORK TIMES-In Poland, a Stubborn Defender of Judicial Independence
THE NEW YORK TIMES-A Polish Museum Turns to the Right, and Artists Turn Away
THE NEW YORK TIMES-The Best Bras Might Be Made in Poland
THE NEW YORK TIMES-Klezmer Music and Memory at a Festival Celebrating Jewish Life in Poland
THE NEW YORK TIMES-Anti-Gay Brutality in a Polish Town Blamed on Poisonous Propaganda.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Jeffrey Epstein Never Stopped Abusing Women—and His VIP Circle Helped Make It Possible
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL- Russian Aggression Brings High Anxiety to Strategic Sliver of Europe
THE WASHINGTON POST - Heat pumps take off in coal-loving Poland amid Ukraine war

THE GUARDIAN-‘People didn’t realise a funeral could be so beautiful’: Poland finds a new way to celebrate life – and death
THE GUARDIAN-Donald Tusk’s second coming: can returning PM remake Poland?
THE GUARDIAN -‘We have a chance to change Poland’: how young voters shaped the election result
THE GUARDIAN - All pregnant women are in danger
THE GUARDIAN- Mariupol-The ruin of a city
THE GUARDIAN -The Russians could come any time’: fear at Suwałki Gap on EU border
THE GUARDIAN - ‘Declare it to a doctor, and it’s over’: Ukrainian women face harsh reality of Poland’s abortion laws
THE GUARDIAN -‘Meet us before you reject us’: Ukraine’s Roma refugees face closed doors in Poland
THE GUARDIAN- ‘I didn’t believe stories of atrocities in Ukraine. But then I saw the photos’
THE GUARDIAN -Smugglers or saviours? Poland’s divided stance on aiding refugees
THE GUARDIAN- Rush to get emergency contraception into Ukraine as reports of rape rise
THE GUARDIAN -‘I never imagined strangers could be so close’: five Ukrainian families on starting again in the EU
THE GUARDIAN - ‘I used to judge people’: the Polish woman who became her city’s lone voice for abortion rights
THE GUARDIAN- Death threats and phone calls: the women answering cries for help one year on from Poland’s abortion ban

THE GLOBE&MAIL- Ireland’s drift to the right
THE GLOBE&MAIL- From the war in Gaza to the walls of Belfast
THE GLOBE&MAIL- Donald Tusk’s appointment as Poland’s PM was a must-see event at a Warsaw cinema
THE GLOBE & MAIL- With Poland’s change in government, the country’s few abortion providers are hopeful about expanded access
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Jewish groups in Poland angered by comparison of Palestinian attack to Warsaw ghetto uprising
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Poland opposition coalition set for majority in election, exit poll shows
THE GLOBE & MAIL-‘It’s time for a happy Poland’: Ahead of Oct. 15 election, opposition makes its pitch to a polarized country
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Russian dissidents in Poland clash as they try to plot a future without Putin
THE GLOBE & MAIL-In Warsaw, art brings solace and hope to Ukrainian refugees
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Ukrainian soldier makes a 17-hour journey from Kharkiv to Warsaw to grant his son’s birthday wish
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Ukrainian refugees in Poland live on hope, but little money, as war with Russia drags on
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Norwegians, shocked by rising hydro bills, change old habits and rethink what to do with oil wealth
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Wagner Group defector’s asylum plea raises thorny questions for Norway
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Pro-Russian slogans grow louder in former East Germany as Ukrainian refugees fear a far-right resurgence
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Despite the war, Ukrainian book publisher Vivat presses on
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Northern Ireland sees growing angst about sectarian strife and Brexit
THE GLOBE & MAIL-An Irish resort town, now home to more than 2,000 Ukrainian refugees, feels the strain of hospitality
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Ukrainians’ countryside getaways have become off-grid safe havens from Russian attacks
THE GLOBE & MAIL- At a rehab centre in Ukraine, soldiers who have lost limbs learn how to restart their lives
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Young Ukrainians’ hearts harden against friends who have left the country they hope to one day rebuild

THE GLOBE & MAIL-In Ukraine’s decimated cities, residents struggle to cover the cost of repairing their homes
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Camp stove coffee and candle-lit dinners: Kyiv residents respond to power outages with creativity
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Ukrainian refugees concerned about plummeting global support as war reaches six-month mark
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Ukrainians prepare for winter – and possibility of nuclear war – as Putin imposes martial law
THE GLOBE & MAIL-How an 83-year-old Pole who was suspicious of Ukrainians took in a refugee family and changed three lives forever
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Few shelters in operation at Poland’s border with Ukraine despite refugee influx
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Schools across Poland strained as they struggle to cope with influx of Ukrainian refugee students
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Dozens of Ukrainian refugees are en route to Newfoundland, ready to call the Rock home
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Ukrainian refugees mark Orthodox Easter with a cry for peace amid devastating toll of war
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Ukrainians living in Poland prepare for a bittersweet Orthodox Easter, while some refuse to celebrate
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Busking helped reunite this Ukrainian refugee with her 10-year-old brother in Poland
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Polish Prime Minister seeks to reassure citizens on natural gas supply after Russia cuts off Poland, Bulgaria

THE GLOBE & MAIL- Relief House in Warsaw giving refugees from Mariupol shelter, and a place to start over
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Ukrainians in Poland start cleanup drives as a way to say thank you for its support
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Polish town of Duszniki-Zdrój sees long-standing issues exacerbated by Ukrainian refugee influx
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Ukrainians and residents in Warsaw, once strangers and now roommates, try to find common ground
THE GLOBE & MAIL-As the westbound stream of refugees slows, some Ukrainians head home from Poland and foreign volunteers head east to try to enter the fight
THE GLOBE & MAIL- For Ukrainian refugee couple, baby’s birth in Poland is a story of hope, faith and charity
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Tadeusz Lysiak’s The Dress, now an Oscar nominee, started as a student film
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Ukrainian children, uprooted from home and family, struggle to process war’s traumas in Poland
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Fleeing their homeland, Ukrainian women fear for the men unable to leave
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Polish business owners who opened doors to help surge of Ukrainian refugees are running out of cash
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Humanitarian crisis growing as more people flee Russia’s war in Ukraine

THE GLOBE & MAIL- Poland starting to feel strain of Ukrainian refugee crisis
THE GLOBE & MAIL-For Ukrainian refugees in Poland, hope lives at the humble Marko Hotel
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Poland opens its arms and heart to Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Europeans rush to Polish-Ukrainian border to pick up family or lend a helping hand
THE GLOBE & MAIL-Ukrainians fleeing Russian attacks cross into Poland to face an uncertain reception
THE GLOBE & MAIL - Poland braces for possible war as more NATO troops arrive for training mission
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Poland braces for an influx of nearly a million refugees fleeing Ukraine
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Poland fortifies border to thwart refugees’ desperate efforts to find asylum
THE GLOBE & MAIL- Migrants remain trapped at Poland-Belarus border as EU threatens sanctions against Lukashenko
THE GLOBE & MAIL - Lukashenko holds snap inauguration; Belarussian opposition calls for Canadian sanctions
THE GLOBE & MAIL- In exile, veterans of Belarus’s anti-Lukashenko struggle to help a new generation finish the job

NBC NEWS - Poland's resources running dry as Ukrainian refugee crisis continues
NBC NEWS- Ukrainian refugees confront increase in pregnancy complications

DER SPIEGEL- Wie der Krieg die Gefühle verdreht
DER SPIEGEL- Das neue Leben der Staatsfeindin
DER SPIEGEL- ‹Poland's Judges Are Fighting To Save Rule of Law and Their Own Jobs
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC-Why did the CDC change course on masks?
FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG-Sie bleibt Siegerin über Hitler
WELT AM SONNTAG-„Ich weiß, dass mir jederzeit etwas zustoßen kann“
WELT AM SONNTAG- Polens Pandemie-Prophet
WELT AM SONNTAG -Warum eine lesbische Frau in Polen um ihr Leben fürchtet
WELT AM SONNTAG -„Hier werden Juden nicht angegriffen wie in Berlin oder Paris“

WELT AM SONNTAG - Silicon Warschau
WELT AM SONNTAG - In Polen wächst das Mitleid mit dem analogen Deutschland
EL PAIS SEMANAL- Jakub Józef Orliński, contratenor: “Estoy feliz tras las últimas elecciones en Polonia, hemos salido de algo parecido a la Edad Media”
El PAIS- Una activista polaca contra el robo de un derecho

NRC-De eenzame Poolse priester
NRC- Ze werd op dag één het gezicht van de oorlog. Hoe verging het haar verder?
NRC- Polen heeft nu eens wél de steun van de EU, in het Wit-Russische spel met migranten
NRC - In Polen gaan veel mensen alleen naar buiten als de app meldt dat de lucht schoon is
NRC- Dé Poolse coronarage van dit seizoen: halfnaakt bergwandelen
NRC - Vuurwerk scoren in Polen
DE STANDAARD- Halfnaakt bergwandelen, een Poolse coronarage
LES ECHOS WEEK-END -Allegro, l'Amazon polonais qui voit grand
LES ECHOS WEEK-END - L'euro-schizophrénie des Polonais
PARALYMPIC/ AGITOS FOUNDATION - From refugee camps to World Cup: Wissam Sami's remarkable rise 
DUZY FORMAT -( photo reportage ) Miedzy blokami

Text writer/co-writer:

THE GLOBE AND MAIL-For a Ukrainian girl with a disability, Poland’s superior services offer a new life and big dilemmas
THE GLOBE AND MAIL-Poland is for lovers
THE GLOBE AND MAIL- Too precious to leave behind
THE GLOBE AND MAIL-Now I'm working for my soul
THE GLOBE AND MAIL-Sowing trouble in Polish soil
THE GLOBE AND MAIL- The Globe’s eyes in Ukraine
THE GLOBE AND MAIL-Ukrainians celebrate Orthodox Easter despite curfews, security concerns
DUZY FORMAT -Virus of fear 
DUZY FORMAT- Virus of fear 


2023- Zamalowane okna (Painted-over windows) Dom Mendelsohna, Olsztyn;
2023- Zamalowane okna (Painted-over windows) Baobab, Lublin;
2023- Zamalowane okna (Painted-over windows) Ukrainian House, Przemyśl;
2023- Too Precious To Leave Behind/ Ukrainian House, Przemyśl;
2022- Too Precious To Leave Behind/ FDK in Warsaw;
2022 -Too Precious To Leave Behind/ "Solidarni" Warszawa (collective exhibition);
2022 -Too Precious To Leave Behind/ "Solidarni" Gdańsk (collective exhibition);
2022- Too Precious To Leave Behind/ Competition exhibition Grand Press Photo 2022 (collective exhibition);
2021- Zamalowane okna ( Painted-over windows ) Galeria Wspolna, Bydgoszcz exhibition ( individual )
2021 - Virus of fear/ Wirus lęku - FotoArtFestival, Bielsko-Biala  ( collective )
2020- Athens Photo World - APW
2020- A unique Women Photograph project giving insight into the lives of womxn around the world
during covid-19  WP-the Journal (collective);
2020 - National Geographic Polska
- They were already polite, now is the war. Women's strike through the eyes of Polish women photographers. Online exhibition (collective);
2020 -We are in this together -Women strike in Poland -  Vasa online exhibition( (collective);
2019 - I remember your welcome - part of the campaign NO MORE BRICKS IN THE WALL!
 implemented by Snapshots from the Borders project, that links border towns and Islands facing migration at borders entrance. Helsinki and Luksemburg (collective exhibition);
2017 – Between the Blocks – Fotocooltura Festival (individual);
2017 – Competition exhibition Grand Press Photo 2017 (collective exhibition);
2016 – Competition exhibition Grand Press Photo 2016 (collective exhibition);
2015 – Common space – VII Festival of Photography in Ostroleka (individual);
2014 – Street Photo – Many Warsaw’s faces– Galeria ZPAF in Warsaw (collective);
2014 – Competition exhibition Grand Press Photo 2014 (collective exhibition);
2014 – DEBUTS – Krakow Photo Fringe (collective);
2014 – DEBUTS – Fotofestiwal, Lodz (collective);
2014 – DEBUTS – 36 most talented polish photographers of the young generation (collective);
2013 – Mariusz WILK Wilczynski, Warsaw (individual);
2013 – They risked their lives- Poles who saved jews during the Holocaust – Warsaw, Madrit, Moscow, Essen,
           Vilnius, Chicago, Hamburg (collective);
2012 – X World Winter Games, Vilnius (individual);
2011 – Competition exhibition Gdansk Press Photo, in Gdansk (collective);
2011 – Mariusz WILK Wilczynski, Lublin (individual);
2011 - Meskie Granie in Gdansk, Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Zywiec (collective);
2011 – CLASS OF 2011, Sopot (collective);

Selected interviews, workshops & speeches:

2023- Long term project, lecture/ University of Warsaw
2023- Lesson with the Masters of Reportage/ SCEK Warsaw
2023- Zamalowane okna/ Dom Mendelsohna, Olsztyn
2023- Zamalowane okna/ Baobab, Lublin
2023- Zamalowane okna/ Ukrainian House, Przemyśl
2023- Globe photographer nominated for prestigious Polish literary prize for journalists
2022- Long term project, lecture/ University of Warsaw
2022-Zamalowane okna, book- Storytelling/ National Geographic Digital Workshop
2022- А вже біля кордону побачила на землі шишку і лист дуба": польська фотограф Анна Лімінович про завітні речі, які українські біженці взяли з собою
2022 - Author's meeting/ Rybnik Photo Festival
2022 - Zamalowane okna, book/ Non Fiction Festival, Kraków
2022 - Zamalowane okna, book/ Giżycko
2022 - Zamalowane okna, book/ FDK, Warsaw
2022 - Zamalowane okna, book/ Olsztyn Radio
2022 - Zamalowane okna, book/ Kampus Radio
2022 - Zamalowane okna, book-Hidden histories of the Polish borderland/ Fotopolis
2022 - Zamalowane okna, book/ Warsaw Book Festival
2022 - Zamalowane okna, book/ Radio Nowy Świat
2022 - Zamalowane okna, book. Reclaiming identity/ Wojowniczki& Wojownicy/ Spotify
2019 - Between the BlocksDuży Format 
2018 - Between the Blocks/DUZY FORMAT - Między blokami
2014 - Common Space/ Radio RDC
2011 - Męskie Granie/ Polish Radio 3
2010 - Męskie Granie/ Polish Radio 3


Zamalowane okna -published by Dowody na Istnienie (2022)



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